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Countdown to Friday the 13th: My Top Five Posters – Friday

Jason Lives Poster

Friday The 13th has arrived!

All this week I’ve been counting down my favorite posters from the Friday movies and now we’ve reached the big day AND my number one choice. The epic, creepy and visually striking image they used to promote Jason Lives … A fitting title on this horribly special date.

I love all the Friday’s for one reason or another but if I had to choose one that stands out slightly above the rest it would be Part 6. It had some classic kills, looked great and just has an energy and pace that reinvigorated the franchise when it was needed.

The poster is a simple idea executed to perfection, eye catching and enticing. Loved it back in the day … love it now.

I wish you all an awesome, safe and horror filled Friday The 13th.

Friday the 13th Part 6 Poster

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