Countdown to Covenant: Empire Magazine Reveals Stunning New Alien Cover Art

Alien Covenant Exclusive Empire Magazine Cover Art

Take a look at this FANTASTIC limited edition cover design for the latest issue of Empire Magazine! It was created by digital illustrator Jacey, and will only be available to those lucky individuals who subscribe to the magazine and get it delivered each month. Oh well, Ebay here I come!

Empire Magazine Alien Covenant Cover Art

So, are we all looking forward to seeing this in just a few weeks time? I’ve been wary of allowing myself to get too excited for Alien: Covenant after decades of disappoint from the Alien franchise. But I’ve succumbed to the hype now, and I’m ready for Ridley Scott to prove that our favorite perfect organism is still a creation that can deliver high quality horror.

It’s impossible not to be intrigued and delighted by Scott’s noticeably improved enthusiasm for the franchise he started all those years ago, and if Covenant is a success then we could FINALLY see this universe reach its potential.

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