Conventions and the like related to Halloween, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, or the bizarre.


Horror Con Girls

Over the long, cold winter something popped up on the internet that helped heat things up a little and I am so grateful. It’s called Horror Con Girls and it’s basically pictorial evidence that the horror girl of your dreams really DOES exist! The best part about Horror Con Girls is that it’s run by

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Scares That Care Weekend Convention

If you’re not familiar with Scares That Care you really should be. Founded by Joe Ripple in 2011, this incredible non profit is dedicated to fighting real monsters such as childhood illnesses and cancer by helping families financially cope. I first became acquainted with their work almost as soon as they started up and I

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Cosplay — A Love Story

Cosplay noun 1.The practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game. If you’re like me and have a bevy of horror loving friends who are either extreme Halloween lovers or convention goers, you’ve no doubt noticed how serious they take cosplay. I’m not talking about girls in ripped up


Horror Conventions: How Not to Suck at Meeting Celebrities

It’s fair to say that when you grow up obsessing over horror films you’d be at least a little nervous to meet your favorite icons of fright. With so many conventions spreading all across the globe, meeting your favorite celebrity has never been easier. As a person who frequents conventions I’m here to give you