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BoJo’s “Mix of Misfortune” Spooky Mix Tape 2021

BoJo's Mix of Misfortune

In these troubled times, we are all understandably nervous about what the future holds. What will life be like in a post-covid world? Will we ever truly be “post”-covid or is this something we will continue to carry with us for ever?

There has been no better time than now to see the mysterious powers of a fortune teller. Thankfully, the lovable fun-sized ghost, BoJo, has just the crystal ball to answer our wildest questions with this year’s spooky mix tape, “Mix of Misfortune”!

BoJo is back with 29 spooky and fun tracks to set the perfect mood for gazing into the unknown that is your future. As with previous years’ mixes, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill picks that are found on typical Halloween mixes. Only those who possess “the sight” could curate such an eclectic, but appropriate mix.

Do you dare seek the vision of The Magnificent BoJo? If you’re brave enough, proceed with caution to this year’s spooky mix!

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