Banana Splat

The Banana Splits

As a kid I loved watching the reruns of The Banana Splits. It was a goofy show filled with nonsense and “hilarious” sound effects, but for some reason I was into it. I even collected (and still do) the comic books. When I heard a movie was coming out, I was baffled. It did not seem like a property that was screaming for a motion picture. Then I heard it was a horror film and was even more surprised. Seriously? Why?

The trailer came out earlier this month, and it looked … interesting. Anyone seeing it who did not know of the Splits could actually find it to be something worthy of watching … maybe. Those of us who know the show, however, were just shaking our heads and left thinking, “This looks so bad it could actually be good.”

If you have not seen the trailer, it appears that the Splits’ show will be canceled and then they go on a murderous rampage. Oh, and they are animatronic now, too. Blood will flow. Bodies will be maimed. And I’m sure this will not be appropriate for the little ones to see.

I have very mixed feelings on this. On one hand, my love of the show is very nostalgic and this movie (which will not be shown in theaters) does not really fit in with my memories of it. On the other hand, I love horror, and I love horror that takes risks. This definitely falls into that category. I could have been perfectly happy without ever having this movie being made, though. There are so many other things I would much rather see. And that being said, I may actually check this out if only to see how crazy it gets.

If this movie does well, the implications become troubling. In twenty or so years from now we could have a rampaging Barney or serial killer Teletubbies. Blue and Bear may team up to kidnap co-eds. Maybe there will be a haunted Gigglesnort Hotel, complete with its own Jack Torrance. The possibilities are endless as a new horror genre takes foot and warps childhood memories. My guess, however, is that this new film will be only marginally successful and end up being little more than a horror footnote. If I’m wrong, though, prepare yourself for some childhood carnage.

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