A Few Creative Ideas to Make Your Halloween Special (sponsored)

Creative Halloween Ideas

Only a few holidays (if any!) induce as much anticipation and excitement as Halloween. According to CNN, approximately 148 million Americans will celebrate a scary holiday this year, with spending expected to exceed $8 billion in 2021. That’s a lot of costumes, decorations, and treats! The excitement of Halloween inspires children’s imaginations, a sense of adventure, and most importantly, a well-deserved dose of sugar. And it’s the one day of the year when adults can be a completely different person, silly or scary, and have a good time!

Even if you aren’t quite ready to celebrate the holidays this year, there are plenty of things you can do from the comfort of your own home to make Halloween 2021 a spooky and spectacular night. Here are seven inventive ideas for the entire family to enjoy.

Read and Share Halloween Stories

Nothing beats a good ghost story to get everyone in the Halloween spirit. Turn down the lights and tell your favorite Halloween-inspired tale to create a spooky atmosphere. Now is an excellent time to encourage your children to use their imaginations, so encourage them to create their own stories to share.

Halloween Movies to Watch

If spooky Halloween decorations and stories aren’t enough to cap off a fun night out, watch a family-friendly horror film. Even if you have young children, you can watch age-appropriate movies. To make it more exciting, watch the series in the dark and keep your eyes open at all times.

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Dress Up in Costume

A Halloween party isn’t complete without costumes! Even if you aren’t going out this year, you can still have a good time with this year’s best costume choices. Check out this year’s popular duo costumes, or make one of these easy DIY costumes for kids of all ages.

Get Creative with Your Cooking

To whet your appetite, make a tasty breakfast or a devilish dinner. Make mummified hot dogs, spider web guacamole, a pasta brain filled with meatballs, or vampire blood tomato soup. The Halloween inspired menu will allow you to experiment with your unappealing food!

Make Halloween Treats

Place the treat inside your makeup! Instead of relying solely on store-bought candy, try whipping up your sweet concoctions at home to spice up your Halloween party. Kids can assist with simple tasks such as mixing dough or adding ingredients, and the scarier, the better when it comes to decorating!

Make it Big with Your Decorations

You can liven up your Halloween at home with some fun decor! Decorate your apartment lavishly, and try to alternate themes between different areas of your apartment to create your own haunted house. It will allow you to host your own trick-or-treat event. With more effort and imagination, you could have the best Halloween ever.

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