6 Creative College Halloween Party Ideas and Tips (sponsored)

Pumpkin Decoration

Looking for last-minute Halloween ideas for your college party? It isn’t very easy to manage studies and plan elaborate parties simultaneously when you’re in college. Assignments, quizzes, and term papers take up so much of everybody’s time! Sometimes, you may find it difficult to even think of suitable college party themes, let alone the planning and décor! Here is your ultimate checklist for your college Halloween party:

1. Plan Your Party Outdoors

As much as everybody loves dark, spooky house parties, a well-planned outdoor Halloween party will leave everyone amazed. Many college students find it difficult to plan parties in their dorms, so this is also a more suitable option. You can perhaps plan a bonfire in the evening and listen to horror myths or watch horror movies.

October and November in Australia have cool evening weather. So, an outdoor Halloween party would be perfect at Australian colleges! For decoration, you can try to make pumpkin lanterns and similar low-budget Halloween decorations. You can also use glow-in-the-dark sticks and props to give your dark night a spookier vibe!

2. Make Your Own Snacks

One of the most useful Halloween theme party ideas is to make your own snacks. You can use cupcakes, cakes, jellies, chocolates, beans, marshmallows, glitter, and candies as your ingredients. Using all the cheap stuff, you can create edible spiders, worms, plants, eyeballs, fingers, oozing brains, fake blood, and whatnot! You can also use fluorescent additives and dry ice to make your juices or other drinks look spooky.

When you and your mates make your own Halloween party snacks, it’ll help you save a ton on your party expenditures. YouTube and other social media are brimming with these fun ideas that you can try out. College is already pretty expensive, so low-cost snacks like these will be more affordable as well as delicious!

3. Send Out Invites Earlier

It would be foolish to assume that people are always free for your Halloween party. After all, Halloween is the prime time for college parties. Unfortunately, it’s also the time when everyone is busy with their essays and exams! If you’re wondering, “How will I write my essay?” during Halloween, waste no time and hire an expert essay writer. Allow yourself some free time to come up with creative invitation ideas and try them all out.

Is writing invites your weak area? You can look up on Pinterest for inspiration or hire any native Australian writer to do the job for you! Be as timely as possible. Prepare the guest list, print out invites, distribute them, and start planning immediately. You can also add a Facebook event to your timeline so that it’s a reminder for everyone who’s invited.

Party Ghost

4. Decorate Using Your Household Items

If you search around your house, you’ll find plenty of items that you can DIY into Halloween-themed decorations. You can use wreaths, frames, torn clothes, discarded toys, brooms, and other items as props in your Halloween party. Here are a few creative and easy DIY Halloween-themes for college party decoration ideas:

  • Use paper tape to cover your doors and windowpanes to make them look mummified.
  • Use tattered old books and skulls as decoration pieces.
  • Use scented candles for a festive vibe.
  • Use markers, plaster of Paris, and colorful tapes to decorate your lamps, fireplaces, pumpkins, and other objects.
  • Decorate your garden with hidden lights if you can.

5. Decide a Costume Theme

Pick any recent or classic horror masterpiece and use it as a costume theme in your college Halloween party. You can add the name of your favorite horror movie or serial in your invites so that people know beforehand. You can try cosplays at your Halloween-themed party and also arrange some fun games! Some good college party themes on our list include:

  • Annabelle
  • The Exorcist
  • Train to Busan
  • Ouija
  • Insidious
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street

6. Find Fun Ways to Distribute Candies

Just because you’re all adults doesn’t mean you can’t have candies on Halloween, right? Well, let’s go one step further than the casual trick-or-treating and find other ways to give away candies! Here’s what you can do to distribute candies to your Halloween party guests:

  • Make a horror-themed candy piñata.
  • Hide the candy in empty pumpkins and skulls.
  • Keep candy as game prizes.


Halloween is one of the most fantastic and thrilling festivals that you can plan at college. With these easy college Halloween party ideas, you won’t have to waste too much time in superficial planning!

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