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5 Minute Zombie

If I told you how often I have to get into quick zombie makeup you’d either applaud or be alarmed. Over the years I’ve developed a few key tricks to help me do it easily. One of the most important things you can do is get yourself good quality makeup. I know it costs more but it will last you for such a long time and make such a difference. High quality makeup goes on smooth and comes off easily. For this tutorial you will need:

Ben Nye Monster Wheel
Translucent powder
Makeup sponge
Stippling sponge
Makeup brush

All of the items listed can be bought on Amazon for a grand total of about $20.

A couple of things that tutorial doesn’t show is applying to the neck, adding hair white and then, of course, putting on a zombie costume. I don’t know about you but I have a few go-to costumes hanging out in my closet. They’re all long sleeved because long sleeves = less makeup you have to do. After that just mess up your hair, add hair white if you have it and BOOM! Zombie.

In the future I plan to outline a more detailed look, showing some more intense wounds but, for now, this’ll do.

Enjoy and spread the dead!

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