10 Halloween Party Ideas for College Students (sponsored)

Hosting a Halloween party for college students can be stressful and exciting. Finding the right ideas is the hardest part of all, so here are ten suggestions to inspire you.

Murder Mystery

Finding ideas for an epic Halloween party can turn into a headache. Fortunately, here are the ten best Halloween party ideas for college students. They aren’t easy, though, so you better get prepared in advance. Like, don’t forget to schedule your upcoming assignment with SpeedyPaper writers. You have a lot to do if you want to make things the right way. Let the professionals take care of your grades while you organize the best Halloween party on campus.

1. Costume Contest

Let’s start with the classics. Some people wait all year to compete for the best costume prize. Doesn’t matter if it’s only a family member’s party and your uncle wins several years in a row. Coming up with an original, scary, and winning costume can entertain you throughout the entire year. So, don’t deny people such pleasure and host a costume party, where guests will decide on the winner after midnight.

2. Haunted House

A haunted house is an activity on its own. Exploring such a place may be the highest point of the party. Guests will roam around, opening doors without knowing what to expect at the next corner. It’s unusual, thrilling, and exciting. Though, it’s up to you to make it a scary or fun experience. Overall, it’s a rare opportunity for students to feel like kids again.

3. Autumn Festival

Some people are not such big fans of Halloween night, and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun if you don’t want to dress up or tell scary stories in a circle. Instead, you can create a party to celebrate autumn in all its beauty. So, you can think of all your favorite autumn activities and bring some of those to a Halloween alternative party. For example, you can serve caramel apples, decorate a house with fallen leaves, and offer cider and apple dibs. Overall, there are many personal and beautiful ways to celebrate autumn.

4. Villains Night

Some people can’t wait till Halloween as it’s their only chance to be as scary as they want to be. So, let’s give it to them. Ask your guests to come up with the scariest costumes there are. Don’t let anyone break their costumes. You are either a villain or not at the party. It’s just one night in the year when adults can transition into the scariest characters. In a way, that’s the whole point of attending a Halloween party, isn’t it? To be someone else for one night.

5. Horror Night

Squeeze the maximum potential from this queen night of horrors. Ask everyone to dress as scary as they can. Perhaps pick a theme like a bloody Friday, zombocalypse, or Tim Burton characters. Decorate rooms to imitate a real horror house. Add some noise and creepy music as your guests arrive. Oh, and it will be the scariest Halloween party ever if you can get a fog machine or some dry ice. This way, you will really feel the true spirit of the night.

6. Fun Costumes

We can all benefit from bringing a little bit more humor into our lives. So why not turn Halloween night into a fun party? Ask your guest to wear fun costumes instead of scary ones. Decorate your house accordingly. Approach everything with humor rather than an intention to scare people. Keep it light on spider nets and dark materials, but bring more candles, oddly carved pumpkins, and mockingly-scary decor. Such a night will be perfect for some charades and other games.

7. Detective Game

How about a little brain game on Halloween night? What if there was a murder in the building, and your party is in the midst of the investigation? Handle each guest with the role to play. You can give those away randomly or assign each guest to play the most fitting role. Come up with a great mystery to solve. You may follow the classic detective stories or completely create something of your own. Explain to your guests the theme of the night so they can dress accordingly.

8. Movie Night

Is there a more classical way to celebrate Halloween other than a horror movie night? Of course, trick-or-treating will come first, but we aren’t kids anymore, are we? Sure, we can handle a few Halloween classics in a row. Just don’t scream too loudly or sit next to the person in a movie villain costume. By the way, sending a list of movies in advance will help guests plan their costumes for the night.

9. Dinner Party

Halloween gives plenty of space for creativity. It’s especially true with the variety of food choices. There are so many ways you can go about preparing and decorating your food. Honestly, people can speak of your original ways of serving Halloween-decorated food for years to come. So don’t hold yourself back. Think of several original ways to make a “terrifyingly” delicious dinner served according to the best Halloween traditions. I guess some tomato pasta, pumpkin soup, and blood punch are on the table.

10. Neon Glow Party

Last but not least, how about adding some light to the dark party? Yes, we are talking about neon lights. They truly brighten up a party, making it unique, memorable, and glowy. Oh, and what an Instagram event it can be. You’ll just need to find enough neon decorations, like signs, Halloween symbols, garlands, stickers, etc. The more neon items you have, the better. The party won’t be complete without some neon clothing and accessories glowing on people under the UV lights. So, don’t forget to inform your guests about the dress code before they start planning their costumes.

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