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Yes! Ash vs Evil Dead’s First Army of Darkness Reference!

Army of Darkness

Like most Evil Dead fans, as awesome as the news was that Ash’s legacy would finally continue in the form of a TV show Ash vs Evil Dead, it was a little bittersweet for me that because of legal issues, Army of Darkness had to essentially be ignored in the storyline’s continuation.

However, since a TV show is ongoing, I think we all hoped that they’d eventually resolve those issues and be able to include Army of Darkness into the fold in some capacity.

Well, apparently they have because in the latest episode “Last Call,” we got to see a small clip related to Army of Darkness, where Ash and his car are teleported through a wormhole and dropped in medieval times. Perhaps there will only be small references and homages here and there, or perhaps we can expect some full-on time travel goodness in coming seasons.

Either way, the possibilities of where the show might go are exciting, and even if nothing major happens in regard to Army of Darkness, Ash vs Evil Dead is a fucking awesome show. They’ve done such an amazing job, I couldn’t really ask for more. Cheers to more Ashy Slashy!

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