Ultimate Guide on How to Take Your Dog Trick-or-Treating (sponsored)

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Taking your dog trick-or-treating is a great way to celebrate Halloween. Not only does it give you an excuse to dress up, but it can also help you bond with your canine friend. If you want to make the most of this special day, check out our ultimate guide below!

1.) Picking Out the Perfect Costume

When picking out a costume for yourself, you want something that will stand out and look amazing. You should hold your dog to the same high standards when finding a costume for them! A good starting point is a simple base costume such as a baseball uniform or football pads. From there, all you need to do is print off some paw prints and attach them to your shirt.

2.) Extra Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

Before you head out the door, be sure to check with your local town’s ordinances. Make sure that they do not have any restrictions on passing out candy or taking pets around trick-or-treating. Also, make sure your pet is up-to-date on all vaccines and has a valid ID tag. If possible, consider bringing along an extra pooch pal for safety reasons!

3.) Make it a Group Event!

Trick-or-treating can be even more fun when done as a group! Try organizing a group costume such as Superheros or The Big Bad Wolf. Not only will this allow you and your friends to get matching costumes, but it will also help keep your pets safe while they roam the streets. If you do not know any other pet owners, consider passing out candy on your porch and taking all of your furry friends trick-or-treating!

4.) Car? Train? Plane?

If you prefer to hit up more houses in a shorter amount of time, then we highly recommend either driving or taking public transportation. However, if you would like to spend more time at each house and really cherish this holiday tradition, consider walking or riding a bike with your dog. Remember, safety first! Make sure that both of you are dressed appropriately for whatever method of transportation you choose.

5.) What Kind of Candy is OK?

Share the spoils with your furry friend! When choosing candy to hand out, remember that not all treats are created equally, and some of them dogs can not eat. If you have a young dog with sharp teeth, then we recommend avoiding any candy that could break into smaller pieces or stick in their throat. If possible, make sure to inspect all candy before giving it to your dog. You should always be in control of what they are eating. Different breeds have different nutritional requirements, so make sure to check can your dog eat something before you share the loot!

6.) Trick-or-Treat Etiquette

When trick-or-treating with your pet, you should always keep them on their leash. This will help avoid any awkward run-ins with the neighbours and keep your furry friend safe at all costs. All that being said, if someone tries to approach or harass your pet while trick-or-treating, then please do not hesitate to call 911 or 999 (or whatever your local emergency number is) immediately!

7.) Is Costume First or Treat First?

It is up to you what you want to do! Some people prefer taking their dogs around the neighbourhood first and getting them used to the extra attention they will receive while others make sure their pet is dressed up before they leave. No matter what you choose, always watch your pup closely for any signs of distress. If they start to show any signs of discomfort, do not be afraid to give them a break and head home early.

8.) After the Big Night is Over

As soon as the sun goes down, it is time for you and your dog to head home! Even though trick-or-treating probably ended hours ago, everyone’s sugar levels are still sky-high. That means that anyone who got into that extra can of candy corn or bowl full of mini Snickers could have one serious case of the munchies. Make sure your pet has had its fill before bringing them around all those extra sweets.

9) Check Your Candy Beforehand

For all of you who just can not wait until Halloween to find out what kind of candy your pup can eat, we recommend checking before the big day arrives! Treats made with Xylitol are poisonous to pets so make sure to steer clear of any candy that contains this ingredient. All in all, have fun and stay safe on October 31st!

10) Clean Up After Yourself

If your dog does get into any of the candy, make sure to clean it up before they can eat it! Not only will this help keep them safe, but you do not want to add even more garbage to an already full bin. Do not forget about those wrappers and just toss them in the trash when you get home!

If you follow these steps, then your experience should be an absolute blast! Remember, safety first so make sure you both are ready for a night of spooktactular fun!

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