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The Trick ‘r Treat Club (closed)

Trick 'r Treat Club

Temporarily Closed


[knock knock … door creeps open]

You: Trick ‘r Treat!

Me: Ha ha ha!

Come in, come close, sit down, listen carefully. No, not there! Never sit there. That’s master’s chair!

Excuse me, where was I?

Oh yes, we’ve been digging through the attic and have found some interesting artifacts, both great and small. You can play, but you won’t know if you’ve won anything at all.

If you win, be careful what you wish for because there’s not just treats in our bag, but also those with a trick, either way you won’t know until it’s too late, if it’ll make you sick.

What could these mystery prizes be, we’re not telling, sorry, no matter how much you plea.

Ready to join, and accept the possibility of defeat? Then just say the words one last time:

Trick ‘r Treat!

Step 1.

Send some serious ♥ our way.

Help keep the proverbial Halloween Love lights on by making a donation (as little as $1).

Step 2.

Fill out the form below and make sure to provide a valid mailing address where you can receive your trick or treat, if chosen.

Step 3. (optional)

If you do receive a trick or treat or perhaps you’re not even sure what it is you received, if you want to share with the community, fire off a Tweet to @halloween with hashtag #TrickRTreatClub and a pic of whatever you received! In return, we’ll be sure to reply with “Trick!” or “Treat!” to let you know. :)


  • There will be multiple people chosen at random. You’ll never know who got tricked or treated unless those chosen are gracious enough to share with the HL community over social media when the time comes. ;)
  • This club is open to anyone in the world indefinitely until otherwise noted.

Mystery tricks, mystery treats.

Happy Halloween!


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