Tips to Ensure Your Child’s Safety on Halloween (sponsored)

Kids Trick or Treating

As the summer turns to fall, everyone is anticipating Halloween. More than anyone else, the kids love Halloween primarily because of the treats and the costumes. However, this festivity and holiday do bring with it some serious concerns over the safety risks.

Unfortunately, on Halloween, the children are twice as likely to be hit by a vehicle on the day of Halloween than on all the other nights around the year. More so, even the cuts and burns are also another issue that’s prevalent during Halloween.

Further, can we even forget the issues a child may experience because of the candy? But, there are ways to enjoy Halloween safely. Parents need to take charge of their kids and exercise due to planning and supervision. This year all our festivities will happen in COVID-19. So, extra care and caution are required.

For parents to ensure the kids and the family’s safety, we have come up with a few safety tips that you can follow. Let us take a look at them one by one.

Tips to ensure your due safety on the Halloween…

These safety tips apply to all the goblins and ghouls, small or big.

Get Rid of the Candy Bowl

One of the best things that you can do on Halloween is to skip the communal candy bowl. Regardless of the trend, be it you allow the children to take the candy directly from the bowl or you handover the sweets to the children in their hand, it is just too tricky to go trick or treating this year. We do not think a candy-bowl can be contact-free. Now, is there a better alternative?

Let us move onto point number 2.

Grab and Go

Lay the table. You can go the extra mile and decorate it if you like. You can even place all the wrapped candies individually on the table. This will enable the children to come up individually and pick their chosen candies. Make it a point to ensure that none of them touches the other person’s candy. This idea was sent to us by Aron, an associate tutor who offers ‘do my assignment‘ services. If you have the adequate resources and time, you can put up a tiny pre-wrapped goodie bag for every child. They can come up and take up one bag each. And voila, all of it is done without any contact.

Keep Things Clean

If you are laying the table for the little angels, you can keep a sanitizer on the table too. Ensure that every child who visits your house first sanitizes their hands and then picks up the candy, suggests Daniel, who works with FineGrades.

Ditch the Front Door

If so many young children come to your door for candy, it can make it hard for you to maintain social-distancing. One thing that you can do here is staying outside while the kids are there for trick or treat. It will enable you to greet your neighbors from a safe distance while they grab their candy from the table.

Mask it Up

Halloween is an occasion for masks. The best thing that you can do during this time is to make the masks a part of your child’s costume, recommends Sophie, an educator with EssayWriter4U. You can find a myriad of cloth masks with a Halloween theme. If you cannot find a mask that compliments your outfit, you can take the medical mask and color it to complement your outfit.

Keep it Local

Though the goal for every year is to cover as many houses as possible and stuff your bag with candy, it is best to stay as close to home as possible this year. If you developed a bubble or pod of your family members and close friends, you can make it a point only to visit those homes, and leave the rest.

Let the Group Be Small

Even if you allow the kids to venture out, in, and around the neighborhood, ensure that they have a small group. Regardless of how you did it in the last couple of years, this year is different. It is time you watch out for yourself and your neighbors. You can curtail yourself this year to only one other family while not compromising on the social-distancing.

Just Wait it Out

Of course, when you have laid out individually-wrapped candies on the table at a distance from one another, you do your bit to reduce the spread of COVID.

However, you do not stop at that. To be safe, you can let the trick or treat candies stay for, let’s say 48, or even 72 hours. This will reduce the number of children visiting in a day. You can spread this word to the children’s parents on your neighborhood WhatsApp group.

Decorate More and Celebrate at Your Home

Shazia, an associate with TAE, says that she curtailed her trick-or-treating to the family this year only to avoid any risk. Of course, you can put up some decorations, go a little extra here, you can even turn up some Halloween music or watch a movie, and have the fun you deserve with your family.

Do What Works for You

There is no one right way. You can sure follow our tips or incorporate your own. Regardless of what you do, make sure there is a mask, social-distancing, and sanitizer involved.

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