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This is My Pumpkin. There Are Many Like It, but This One is Mine: Happy Halloween 2014!

Pumpkin 2014

For too long my life circumstances meant I didn’t really have the time to properly enjoy Halloween, but this year things have settled to a point where traditions can return and my absolute favorite is of course carving a pumpkin. Sharing a couple of hours with a loved one while you slice up a large orange ball … it doesn’t get much better than that!

This year my girlfriend and I sat down together the night before Halloween and got busy (Not like that!). We had, by UK standards, a fairly decent sized pumpkin and a smaller Harlequin Squash, which we purchased simply because it looked like a Pac-Man ghost.

Our pumpkin got a grumpy mouth with a VERY toothy bottom row of teeth. One angry eye was then filled with grapes for an unusual creepy effect, but we later replaced the grapes with cherry tomatoes which seemed to work better. One wide bug-eye was cut into the other side, and finally some horns made with large red peppers were carefully placed on top.

Pumpkin 2014

Pumpkin 2014

The end result with some intense lighting was a thrill. We aren’t in any way talented when it comes to this but I like to think our humble monster turned out pretty damn well. The little ghost dude was also everything we hoped he would be, with grapes for eyes and looking every inch like he just jumped out of the classic video game.

Pumpkin 2014

We played around with the lighting for a few minutes and managed to get some cool shadows on the floor created by the teeth, and while we snapped some shots we couldn’t resist the urge to have the big guy chase the little guy. Somewhere Pac-Man is laughing his ass off!

Pumpkin 2014

All the natural products we used really helped to transport the light within the pumpkin outwards as we suspected they would, and we already have a few ideas for next year when we shall hopefully create something even more bizarre.

Pumpkin 2014

OH, and here’s my tip of the day: Never carve pumpkins in a room that contains ferrets!!

Pumpkin Ferret 2014

I want to thank each and every Halloween Love reader who has made this place such a joy to write for. Be safe, have fun, watch FAR too many horror movies, and have a perfect Halloween 2014.

Stick with us … as we build toward Halloween 2015! x

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