The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Review

The saw is family.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game 51

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre comes to us from the same developer of Friday the 13th, Gun Media. Despite one major deviation from the structure of Friday the 13th, if you enjoyed that game, you’ll probably enjoy this one too.

That major deviation comes in the form of taking the asymmetrical 1v7 style and going with 3v7. I think this makes sense both from the perspective of the universe (there are a variety of killers throughout the Texas franchise, not just Leatherface), but also from the perspective of letting more people get a chance to play the killer (which is more popular). In Friday, you could play several rounds before you finally got to be the killer.

The same high attention to detail is here to get the look and feel just right. Outside of Gun Media, all other appearances of pop culture icon movie killers that have appeared in games (even the highly detailed Mortal Kombat of recent years) have all been goofy looking to close to passable, but never screen-accurate like with Gun.

The sound, voice-acting, and map design are all pretty damn good too.

The leveling and perk system is perhaps slightly more advanced here, but still kept fairly minimal (a good thing).

These games are always frustrating at first until you get your first kill (and Leatherface will share this sentiment with his guttural whining when victims get away). I got fully warmed up at about the 3-hour mark.

I fully expect that we’ll see DLC for new costumes, maps, and characters at some point, but it’s not yet clear if they’ll venture much into content from the sequels (and with rights and licensing issues, who knows to what extent they’re allowed to grab things outside of the first movie).

The only other thing I hope to see at some point, is a 1v4 mode, because there is something special and fun about a single, over-powered enemy, both as the killer or the victim.

Don’t forget to feed grandpa…

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