The Bed from the Shining is Still around and Coming Up for Auction!

On the 16th of October over here in good old Blighty, the ‘Prop Store’ is having a massive auction featuring 375 original props, costumes and production items from classic and modern movies as well as some legendary TV shows.

Apparently it’s going to be the biggest auction of such items ever seen in Europe and will include everything from Arnie’s original Terminator 2 costume to a genuine Gremlins 2: The New Batch puppet!

Now, I always find these sales fascinating but have never really seen the appeal of personally owning something that should probably be displayed for everyone to enjoy and look at … until today.

One of the props up for grabs is the ACTUAL bed from The Shining! … Yes, the bed Jack Torrance sat on when he had a little ‘chat’ with Danny. The bed Jack was chilling in when Wendy brought him eggs made just the way he likes them and he got all sarcastic and menacing … I NEED this bed!

This bed witnessed Jack Nicholson chopping his way through the bathroom door (probably about fifty times knowing Kubrick), in an attempt to ‘correct’ his family. It really is a wonderful lump of horror movie history.

I read somewhere that the reserve could be between four to six thousand pounds, if we club together we can do this! … And all take turns to sleep on it!

the shining bed 1

the shining bed 2

the shining bed 3
It even has wheels!

Fuck it, I’m going to sell my parents house in secret to fund this purchase … It’s too big for them anyway.

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