True Detective

True Detective

Amazing, no. Beautiful, no. Brilliant, no. Dread, no. Ecstasy, no. Fascinating, no. Haunting, no. Horrifying, no. Incredible, no. Melancholy, no. Riveting, no. Shocking, no. We could go through every word in the dictionary and we’re still simply going to fall short of describing a masterpiece like True Detective. After Breaking Bad was over, I thought

[Bite-sized Horror]

Last Night’s Episode of True Detective

“Who Goes There” — Holy fucking shit. I haven’t had this much of a rush being immersed in a story since Breaking Bad. We’ve seen TV evolve to become more and more serious over the years, as John mentioned here, and without a doubt TV has matched the production quality, acting, and writing of big

The 10 Most Awesome Images Found On Social Media – Week #1

We live in a social media obsessed society, and whether we like it or not, our days are ruled over by things like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram. As someone who writes for a living, and therefore spends most of his days sitting at home on the computer, I know this all too well. To

HBO’s True Detective: A Show You Need To Be Watching

This past Saturday, I found a large package waiting for me in my PO box. Inside of the cardboard box was another box; a white banker’s box, sealed shut with orange tape that read ‘Evidence: Do Not Open.’ Of course, I disobeyed the order, and cautiously peeled away the tape, admittedly a tad bit frightened