Great Characters in Horror: Ellison Oswalt (Sinister)

Alone in his office at night, glass of booze by his side, accomplished writer Ellison Oswalt is watching footage from an old television interview he took part in several years prior. He looks younger in the tape, and decidedly happier. He notes, during the interview, that he’d rather cut his hands off than write a


Convention Recap: Long Island’s Haunt Faire 2015

It’s been over a decade since I first discovered the joys (and peculiar smells) of the horror convention scene, and I’ve been to countless shows in the years since that inaugural outing. But this past weekend was a little bit different, as a convention sprung up in my area that wasn’t quite like the others.


Horror Movie Moments That Genuinely Scared Me: Part 2

My earliest horror memories are not of being scared by the movies, but rather having a whole lot of fun watching them. I fell in love with Freddy Krueger at a pretty young age, perhaps younger than one should be at the time of delving into the genre, and I can count on one hand