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Autumnal Thoughts

The warm summer rays pierce the curtains and gently kiss your face and brighten your closed, sleeping eyes, waking you gently. The morning sun is gleaming brightly through your window, accompanied by the ode to life the birds effortlessly chirp, day in and day out. ‘Is it tee shirt or tank top weather today?’ you

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Image of the Day: “Cemetery Deer” by Marilynn

This is our first ever “Image of the Day” post, and it comes from our very own Marilynn. In the photograph, we see several deer, each seemingly having chosen their own grave to lay on. But why? I would imagine the cool grass has a lot to do with it, but perhaps there’s a scientific


‘They Live’ Gets its Own Porn Parody Photo Shoot

There are a few surefire ways to know that a movie has become a truly important piece of popular culture, and there’s perhaps no better example of such an immortalization than the porn parody. Sure, action figures and a spoof on South Park are cool and all, but no movie gets to call itself a


The 10 Most Awesome Images Found on Social Media โ€” Week #1

We live in a social media obsessed society, and whether we like it or not, our days are ruled over by things like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram. As someone who writes for a living, and therefore spends most of his days sitting at home on the computer, I know this all too well. To