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New Line Cinema

Rest in peace New Line Cinema — My most favorite movie distribution and production company of all time. If you’re like me, seeing that beautiful logo before a great movie is simply nostalgic. I say rest in peace, not because the company is actually gone (because it isn’t), but because it has been fully absorbed


Michael Bay, Platinum Dunes, and the Remake Debate

Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes have come under a lot of criticism lately for (in the opinions of many fans) butchering many beloved franchises and brands. I’m not going to jump on any bandwagons, either for or against Michael Bay, Platinum Dunes, Brad Fuller, or Andrew Form. I’m simply going to go over some of

[Haunted Houses and Rides]

Universal Studios

An absolute playground for someone like me. Right as you enter the park, you’re greeted with a year-round haunted house attraction: House of Horrors. Which is definitely revamped and up-scaled for Halloween. But, it was pretty fun on a non-Halloween season day as well. Not very scary, but a great sight to be seen nonetheless.