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Manhunt Props for Sale

Probably the best quality Manhunt masks and props that will ever see the light of day, from the now shutdown fan-made, live-action web series project Snuffed, are up for sale on eBay by its creator Matt Simpson.

Piggsy Needs a Home Contest

Update Piggsy has made his way home, all the way to Sweden! Winner Congratulations Daniella R., the winner of a #20 impossible to find (not just rare anymore) limited edition Piggsy display for her drawing (featured right). I hope you make a nice and cozy home for Piggsy, but don’t feed him too much… “Piggsy’s […]

Manhunt 3 Inevitable with the Success of The Last of Us

As a huge fan of both the original Manhunt and the recent Last of Us, I can’t help but notice the strong similarities between the two games. No, I’m not making this snap judgment based on the simple fact that they’re both difficult, stealth games with violent, horror aspects, it’s much deeper than that. Whether […]