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Piggsy Needs a Home Contest


Piggsy has made his way home, all the way to Sweden!



Congratulations Daniella R., the winner of a #20 impossible to find (not just rare anymore) limited edition Piggsy display for her drawing (featured right).

I hope you make a nice and cozy home for Piggsy, but don’t feed him too much…

“Piggsy’s Home!”

Thank you very much to all the other hardcore fans that entered, it’s nice to know I’m not the only other creepy person in the world that loves an obscure, decade old video game so much!

All Entries

This is a drawing contest open to all Manhunt fans in the world to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the video game Manhunt.

For fans of the game, I probably don’t need to explain who Piggsy is, but here he is (one of the main bosses from the game):


I’ve been able to acquire a very hard to find Limited Edition Piggsy figure and display that I’ll be awarding to the winner of this contest.

How to Enter

  1. With a plain white piece of paper and a basic #2 (grayscale) pencil, draw Piggsy. Outside of that, so long as Piggsy is the main focus of your illustration, creatively, the sky is the limit. Don’t be discouraged if you feel your artistic skill isn’t up to snuff, it’s not important! Just so long as everyone has fun with this contest!
  2. Scan the drawing or take a photo of it with a digital camera and submit it in high res to: black@halloweenlove.com with the subject “Piggsy Drawing” (without the quotes).
  3. Optional. Share your support publicly by commenting below to let others know you’ve entered and retweet the contest. If you’d like to remain anonymous or enter privately, that’s okay too, only your drawing will be shared.


You must submit your drawing by 5pm PST, November 18th, 2013, which commemorates the 10th anniversary of the release of Manhunt and is when I’ll be announcing the winner.


I’ll pick a winner, showcase the winning drawing here, and email the winner for congrats and to get a mailing address to ship the Limited Edition Piggsy figure and display to:

Piggsy in Box
(click image above to enlarge — please note that while the box has been opened and is not in mint condition, the figure inside has never been removed from the inner packaging and is in mint condition)

  • #20 out of only 500 ever made
  • Apparently, was owned by a Manhunt developer at one point
  • Display is much larger than you might expect, standing at over a foot tall


  • There’s no criteria for the drawing (outside of materials and that it must feature Piggsy as already mentioned) set in stone for how I’ll be picking a winner. So please don’t shy away from the contest if you simply feel you don’t have strong artistic skills. Doesn’t matter, I’ll be picking my favorite, could win me over on concept alone.
  • Only one drawing submission per entrant please.
  • By submitting your drawing you grant me permission to use that drawing here on halloweenlove.com. I’ll create a gallery to showcase all the submissions after the conclusion of the contest. If you want credit, please sign your drawing and feel free to include a website or social profile link on it as well.

Thank you everyone and good luck!

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  • Dalicris

    Oh shit! Wonderful contest! Love Manhunt, will surely participate and hope that my lazy lets me do this!
    … “Not much” participants though, apparently? Is the contest gonna get cancelled if there are too few?

  • I always honor contests/giveaways all the way through regardless of the participant turnout.

    Keep in mind there are other contestants already anyways. Since entry is made privately by email there’s no public tally.

    A winner will be chosen and all other entries showcased at the conclusion of the contest. Happy to have you enter!


  • Dalicris

    Okay, cool.

  • LiaBark from Deviantart

    <3 WOW! I will have to draw this :)

  • Jvg

    I’m in.

  • alihaider

    A fantastic contest . I’m really enjoying.Thanks a lot to all of your involved yourselves in this fine deeds.

  • Possessed

    are the digital drawings accepted? or it must be only a picture of a drawing on a paper?

  • Sorry – “1. With a plain white piece of paper and a basic #2 (grayscale) pencil, draw Piggsy.”

    If there wasn’t such a restriction, it really wouldn’t be a fair contest I think you can understand.


  • Possessed

    so.. on paper there’s no restrictions right? I can draw other objects/people/intercourse and stuff except pigsy? hope it’s not limited to only a main character..

  • Possessed

    because I don’t get this part “so long as Piggsy is the main focus of your illustration, creatively, the sky is the limit”

  • MereanaGlersgov

    Black Orange, thanks for this awesome contest! I definitely going to participate. But can I ask, are you going to ship it in any country? I live in Australia.

  • Yes, I usually giveaway digital goodies so it’s no problem, but in this special occasion I’ll make sure shipping gets covered wherever it needs to go. :)

  • Yes, what’s depicted in the actual drawing is up to you as so long as Piggsy is the main focus, not just in the background or there in the abstract.

    Here are a couple examples:

    1. Cash in the foreground, Piggsy in the background. No good.

    2. Piggsy fighting Cash. All good.

    3. Piggsy in the foreground, Cash in the background. All good.

    Also, once you’ve submitted your drawing you can rest assured that it’s approved if you don’t receive a follow up email with questions or further directions.


  • MereanaGlersgov

    Oh thanks:)

  • MereanaGlersgov

    Almost finished my drawing:) Can I write my name on the drawing?

  • You can sign it however you like.

  • Congrats Daniella and thanks again to everyone else who entered!

    …and Happy Anniversary!