Guillermo Del Toro


The Strain Season 2 Premiere: Five Coolest Moments

Ephraim Goodweather, Abraham Setrakian and the whole vampire-killing gang returned last night in the Season 2 premiere of FX’s The Strain, which was 90-minutes long and packed with rubbery monsters galore. This season, the vampire apocalypse is in full swing, and if last night’s premiere was any indication, our Sunday nights are about to be


The Strain Season 1, Episode 2: Recap & Thoughts

July 13th marked the series premiere of the Guillermo del Toro-produced FX series The Strain, based on a trio of novels he recently penned with Chuck Hogan. Co-written and directed by Del Toro himself, the pilot episode effectively introduced the world of the series and the characters who will inhabit it, leaving me thirsty for


Thoughts on ‘The Strain’ Series Premiere

Right about now, us horror fans are in the midst of an absolute golden age of television, with the quality of shows on networks like AMC, HBO, A&E, FX and even NBC far surpassing most of the genre films that have been released into theaters in the past few years. The Walking Dead, Hannibal and