Five of 2015’s Best Horror Movie Performances

Now that Halloween has passed and the calendar has switched over to November, it’s getting to be that time where we reflect on the year’s horror offerings. I suppose I’m jumping the gun a bit here, as there are two months of 2015 still left, but with nearly all the major horror releases already, well,


The Fatal Flaw of Nearly Every Modern Hollywood Horror Movie

What is the single most important quality for a horror movie to have? That is a question I’ve pondered several times over the years, and though many fans demand things like scariness and originality from the genre, those two things are honestly the least of my concerns when it comes to modern Hollywood horror movies.


To Stream or Not to Stream? Creep (2015)

The found footage sub-genre has developed a pretty poor reputation over the years, which is somewhat unfair to the gimmick. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the filmmaking style that is the problem, but rather the fact that most filmmakers are using it to tell the same generic stories. Creep, exclusively available for instant streaming