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Sinkhole: A Horror Story

Sinkhole Horror Story

Horror writers are often asked where we get our ideas from. In many cases, we can’t actually give you an answer that’s 100% accurate. That’s because there are so many different elements that go into writing a book, and we’re all influenced daily by the things around us. With my latest book, Sinkhole: A Horror Story, I wanted to explore some of the social divides within the US. At the top of the list was a question that eventually became the entire basis of the book:

Could you learn to get along with a complete stranger – or even your worst enemy – to save your life?

I envisioned a tumultuous version of the world where things like politics, social standing, sexuality, and a million petty little differences should no longer matter. Of course, some people would never be willing to let go of their old way of thinking, even at the risk of their lives. This isn’t a book that pits liberals versus conservatives. Instead, it shows all sides and asks the characters to care enough about themselves – and humanity as a whole – that they’ll put all their perceived differences aside and work together.

As you can imagine, this doesn’t always work out as hoped or expected. Interpersonal clashes make getting through a horrific situation far worse than necessary. Will the characters learn to work together by the end? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Not for the faint of heart…shift[s] the perspective of what a horror novel really has the potential to be. Sinkhole is an intelligent and terrifying triumph in the world of horror fiction.

— Readers’ Favorite

Sinkhole: A Horror Story is available for Kindle from all Amazon sites. It will be released in paperback mid-month and will be carried by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and a wide variety of other retailers.

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April A. Taylor is an award-winning author and dark art photographer. Her debut horror novel, The Haunting of Cabin Green, was a #1 Amazon best-seller. Cabin Green was also featured on '13 Most Chilling Horror Books of 2018' (PopSugar), 'Best Horror Books of 2018' (Inquisitr), '7 Horror Books That Scared Me Half to Death' (BoredPanda), and '2018's Scariest Horror Books' (Ranker). Horror caught her attention at a young age, and she's enjoyed exploring the darkness hidden inside everyone’s psyche ever since. She's also intrigued by each person’s capacity for astounding levels of goodness in the face of overwhelming evil. April's horror, paranormal mysteries, thrillers, and reimagined myths and fairy tales tackle both these topics. The darker side of humanity is also on display inside her dark art photographs, which have been published and exhibited around the world by a diverse list of media sources such as Fangoria, Scream: The Horror Magazine, and the short horror film Cathartic. She currently lives in Michigan with the love of her life and their two cats. April is an Active (professional level) member of the Horror Writers Association. If her life was a cartoon, she'd be Lisa Simpson.

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