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Secret Samhain (like Secret Santa, only for Halloween)

Secret Samhain


This one’s really simple. Enter your address below and on October 20th, I’ll randomly swap your address with another entrant for you to send each other a Halloween or horror-themed gift of at least a $20 value.

Like most of these things that I run, it’s definitely for the purpose of fun above all else, and does require some aspect of the honor system and good sportsmanship to work.

Make sure to send your gift within a few days of receiving your recipient info so that they get it in time for Halloween.


I understand of course that privacy is very important. You need only to provide a valid mailing address where you can receive mail (doesn’t have to be your home).

Additionally, I won’t be sharing your email address, and you do not need to provide your real name if you don’t want to, which can simply be your initials, a pseudonym, generic decleration like “Box Holder,” “Resident,” or whatever you like.


Now closed.

Thank you and have fun ghouls!

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