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Secret Samhain (like Secret Santa, only for Halloween)

Secret Samhain


We’ll randomly swap your mailing address with another person for a Halloween-themed gift exchange. On October 20th, each Secret Samhain will receive an email with their respective recipient’s info in order to send them a gift of at least a $20 value.


Please read the verification rules very carefully. If you do not or cannot follow them, unfortunately, you won’t be eligible for Secret Samhain.

  1. You must add black@halloweenlove.com to your email service’s whitelist or contact list. Maintaining communication throughout the process is very important.
  2. You must verify your payment source. You’ll be charged a $1, nonrefundable fee by card or PayPal.
  3. You must send your gift no later than October 25th.
  4. You must verify your gifts, both the one you send and one you receive:
    • You’ll verify the gift you send by providing a tracking #.
    • You’ll verify the gift you receive by sharing it on Twitter @halloween with #SecretSamhain.

That’s a lot of verification! Actually, it’s not too bad. Most of all the hard work is done on our end, and it should only take a matter of minutes on your end. We’d love to just keep it simple and look to the honor system, but we tried that the first year, and it didn’t go so well. :(


Join Secret Samhain for the October, 2020 gift exchange.

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You’re by no means obligated to purchase your recipient’s gift through Amazon, but it is very convenient, so if that’s what you end up using, please make sure to start your search through our link, to help support Halloween Love:

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Thank you and have fun ghouls!

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