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Season 4 of Hannibal Might Really Be Happening

We don't do click-bait and we're not big on rumors, but this actually seems realistic.

The Great Red Dragon

Art by Arkarti

Over the weekend, we saw a Hannibal reunion take place over YouTube. I only just watched this now, and was only expecting it to be fun to see all the cast and crew together again after Hannibal was cancelled 5 years ago. However, to my delight, they spoke heavily of the future holding a season 4. Obviously there hasn’t been any official announcements, but everyone seemed so passionate about the idea of it, they basically just started talking about it in terms of when, not if.

See for yourself…

We’re huge fans of Hannibal here at Halloween Love, and at the time of cancellation there was a lot of talk about possibilities of Netflix reviving the show for season 4, something Netflix had now become known for doing with other shows. 5 years later, and it just didn’t happen. However, all 3 seasons of Hannibal have now been added to Netflix, and have done exceptional well on the platform, trending, and bringing back a resurgence of interest.

I hate to speculate, but based on the way the cast and crew were talking, there possibly has been some behind-the-scenes talk about how well it’s performing and a very real possibility in Netflix, now with actual analytics about how well Hannibal performs on their platform, giving it a shot.

Please. Please. Please.

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