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Scariest Rock-Inspired Costumes for Halloween

What’s better than dressing up as a scary character for Halloween? Dressing up as a scary rocker, of course!

If you want to look “cool” while obscuring your identity on your costume party, here are some suggestions you should seriously consider:


Born Brian Carroll, this brilliant guitar player eventually decided to wear a creepy mask during his performances and took the moniker Buckethead. GuitarWorld considers him not only as one of the “fastest guitarists of all time” but also one of the “weirdest”.

This is highly recommended as a last-minute costume idea.

You will need: White face mask, yellow or black jacket, and of course – that famous KFC Family Meal bucket.

Difficult level: Easy


Composed of four members namely The Demon (Gene Simmons), Starchild (Paul Stanley), Space Ace (Ace Frehley), and Catman (Peter Criss), KISS is definitely one of the most iconic names in the rock industry. Their live shows are nothing short of theatrical. They breathe fire, spit blood, shoot rockets and everything else in between.

Kids and adults also love dressing up as the band members, either individually or as a group. Obviously, this will take more time and effort than Buckethead’s costume but it’s absolutely worth it because it looks awesome.

You will need: Face paint, black wig, black shirt, black pants, black gloves, tall boots, punk belt, and some metal studs.

Difficulty level: Hard


This Iowa-based metal band originally had nine members but now has seven after the death of bassist Paul Gray and departure of drummer Joey Jordison. Each band member wears matching jumpsuits and unique slasher-film like masks.

Slipknot usually comes up with new masks and uniforms for every album so you have plenty to choose from. If you can gather some of your friends to complete the 9-piece gang, then you’ll be the focal point of any Halloween party.

You will need: A red or black jumpsuit, a pair of Chuck Taylor sneakers, and a corresponding Slipknot replica mask you can buy on eBay.

Difficulty level: Medium


Now here’s a band that puts the “shock” in shock rock. This thrash metal outfit is known for their grotesque costumes that make them look like warrior monsters from a sci-fi flick. If you’re taking this route, you better be ready to do a lot of work and spend some good amount of money.

You will need: A customized costume made from foam latex, rubber, and styrofoam.

Difficulty level: Extremely difficult

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