Royally Wicked: 3 Macabre Halloween Crowns for 3 Malevolent Monarchs (sponsored)

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Ever heard this saying that goes thus: “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.” Well, some monarchs in history took that saying, ran with, and twisted it into a whole new level – a dimension of villainy.

Well, buckle up, because we’re about to take a deep dive into some of history’s worst female macabre rulers. For those who would find these dark rulers inspiring for Halloween, their legacy lives on in the form of 3 spectacularly dark Halloween crowns. Dare to find out? Read on if you wish – just be sure to watch your head!

Top 3 Malevolent Women Sovereigns Through History for Halloween Inspo.

1. Queen Mary I of England

Queen Mary I of England was known as “Bloody Mary” for good reason. Her fiery temper and staunch Catholic beliefs led her to violently persecute Protestants during her reign. When Mary took the throne in 1553, England had broken from the Catholic church and established the Protestant Church of England under her father, Henry VIII, and brother, Edward VI. Mary was determined to reverse these changes. She had almost 300 religious dissenters burned at the stake, earning her the sinister nickname “Bloody Mary.” Though her time as queen was short, Mary left a lasting legacy of fear.

SV Hellish Thorns Halloween Tiara

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If the Bloody Mary inspires you for this year’s Halloween costume look, then the SV Hellish Thorns Halloween Tiara is the crown that seals your bloody reign on that day. Queen Mary I would have been drawn to this crown with its thorn-inspired design because it captures the motifs of her person and her reign. The thorns describe her brutal and uncompromising leadership style that sacrifices lives to effect a personal-driven change. The blood red marquise-cut and round-cut crystals are representative of Queen Mary’s allude to the blood spilled for her reformist ambitions.

2. Empress Wu Zeitan of China

Empress Wu Zeitan defied gender norms in China’s long and rich history as the first and only female empress to rule the Tang dynasty. For Wu Zeitan, the road to the top was fraught with challenges and she was willing to pay the price; nothing could stand in her way. And through ambition, intellect, and ruthlessness, Wu Zeitan made her way to the throne from being a concubine of Emperor Taizong. The Empress journey to upsetting tradition and ruling China began from being a mistress, to marrying the heir, Emperor Gaozong, after the death of her lover, manipulated her Gaozong into relinquishing power to her, and after his death, deposed her sons of power before declaring herself as emperor. Empress Wu Zeitan showed no mercy to anyone who came in the way of her leadership. Even her own family members weren’t spared. She had her sons, grandsons, and nephews killed or forced to commit suicide when they posed a threat to her rule. She showed no mercy, not even for her own blood.

SV Rose of Death Halloween Tiara

Malevolent Monarchs 3

The SV Rose of Death Halloween Tiara is the perfect crown that depicts the irresistible seduction of the Empress Wu Zeitan. Her charm was that which was captivating, sweet and yet lethal. This crown is representative of the life and leadership of Zeitan and is the final touch to your portrayal of her this Halloween. It features beautiful red roses in a thorn bush blooming over skulls. This is a metaphor that translates thus: red roses and the crowned skull alludes to her beauty, intelligence, and inner strength, the thorns are representative of the brutal methods employed during her reign, and the skull, the human sacrifices made for her authority.

3. Queen Isabella of France

Queen Isabella was called “the she-wolf of France” for a good reason. This mediaeval monarch went from being a child bride married to King Edward II, to abdicating her husband (the first of its kind), taking over the throne and ruling France for over 50 years. She had a loving relationship with her husband, King Edward II before it turned sour because he constantly favoured his favoriten men over her, making her feel disrespected. After leading and winning the invasion of England with her lover, Roger Mortimer, she took King Edward II into captivity and contrived his murder and ruled the kingdom.

SV Evil Awaken Halloween Tiara

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The SV Evil Awaken Halloween Tiara captures the overall multifaceted nature of Queen Isabella of France’s life and rule. This Halloween crown serves as a creatively designed symbol of her historical legacy and a complete accessory to those who would take up her persona in this year’s Halloween. Designed from shiny, silver alloy, it features bloodied blood that references the marital and political struggle Isabella encountered in her lifetime. Green, round-cut crystals are laid beautifully across the tiara as symbols of greed that fuelled the personal ambition of the Queen. Finally, a crucifix prominently sits at the centre of the crown with golden horned skulls decorated across the crown representing death and justice for the innocent and wicked.

I Wonder…

Have you ever wondered what kind of malevolent tyrants wore glittering gems and gold atop their heads, all while inflicting unspeakable cruelty? It leads me to ponder whether these monarchs expressed their terrifying and terrorising nature through these crowns. Perhaps some did. If they did, these Halloween crowns were the spot-on representation of these queens.

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