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Romantic for Time Travel

Time Travel

I get very very excited about time travel in any medium of storytelling. It’s one of my greatest real life fantasies to one day travel in time, but also a terrifying prospect. It’s difficult to put words to the excitement, but my blood pressure rises and I feel a rush while at the same time feeling love and safety and great intrigue. There’s something nostalgic about it, but also new. It’s a strange and wonderful clash.

I can’t be certain that my love of the idea of time travel isn’t the obvious result of having regrets or “what if” in my subconscious heart somewhere, but I think it has more to do with the romantic power of escape and pleasure and control. I would have to say my favorite time travel film of all is Time After Time. Although, the time travel aspect of the movie definitely takes a backseat to the human story, which brings me to tears every time. A quick scene from the movie:

Listed in no particular order…

Some of My Favorite Time Travel Movies

Some of My Favorite Time Travel TV Shows

Some of My Favorite Time Travel Video Games

Just some of my favorites, by no means a comprehensive list. Check out more time travel movies and TV shows here and games here.

If we’ve learned anything from time travel stories in fiction, it’s that time travel in the past or future has grave consequences. Even if it ever became practical to travel in time, surely it would be hidden from the public and if the public did become aware of such technology, it would certainly be illegal for civilians to use time travel.

With all that aside, if I could find a way to travel in time, I’d never go to the future and only to a well-researched past. I pretty much have my heart set on disappearing into 1950, middle America. In my mind, this is a place and time of idyllic Americana, Elvis Presley, burgers and shakes, and mowing the lawn.

Also quite important, this would put me after World War II and before Vietnam. Although, I might end up being better off on the West or East Coast in a more progressive state because I’m not sure I could stomach the Jim Crow laws. I’d probably lash out in public if I witnessed any sort of the common bigotry of the time and get myself beat or killed.

It definitely makes me wonder if anywhere in time is truly idyllic and safe and as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for. But, if there is any place in time that I belong, it’s definitely not here and it’s definitely not now.

When and where would you go and why?

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