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Pride 2018: Reflecting on Making 0 Feet Away

0 Feet Away Screen

As much as I am a horror fan, I am just slightly a different person when it comes to my filmmaking. What I have to say may be different from the filmmakers I admire and the movies I love. I have my passions about the stories I want to tell and my anxieties that I feel the need to explore on-screen. I always knew my first horror project had to special, and I believe I succeeded in making 0 Feet Away.

It actually all started as a joke. The idea of 0 Feet Away was paired with a line from one of my favorite movies: “The call is coming from inside the house!” from When a Stranger Calls. Then it dawned on me that I could re-tell this story in a modern setting and with a gay twist.

It stopped being a joke; I wanted to make this movie. If you know me, everything about this plot screams “me.” This is the horror film to define a place and time for gay men. A time when they chose hooking up online instead of cruising at their local bar. It’s also a cautionary tale for how carefree we use technology.

I was very lucky to cast Max Cutler as my protagonist, Chase. Even though Max is straight, he broadened the kind of characters I was going to cast. I’m glad I made the decision to have the gay men in 0 Feet Away look like people anyone could relate to. This could happen to anyone.

Making 0 Feet Away was a huge learning experience and I know what project I want to make next. Horror is my favorite genre and it’s very important to me that the gay community is represented in it. I’m proud to present my film and I hope you enjoy it this Pride month!

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