Open Invite to Any Active Serial Killers Who Would be Willing to be Interviewed

A Sad Woman

Of course, any actual serial killers that stumble upon this invitation will naturally be suspicious that it’s a trap. However, I can assure you that I’m genuinely curious and only wish to better understand. I have no interest in trying to trick you to give up more info than you’re comfortable with or to try and sniff out your identity or location or to share anything with authorities that you might share with me off the record.

That said, it would also be safe to assume that if I’m really able to successfully interview a serial killer, I would likely be forced to share any information I’ve collected. That’s why I would strongly recommend that you:

  1. Install and Use Tor
  2. Create an Anonymous Email Account
  3. Email Me
  4. We can then discuss any other measures you might need to feel comfortable

That way if/when I’m compelled to turn over our communications, your email address, etc., it can’t be traced back to you. The intent is to publish the interview, so beyond creating an environment to allow you to remain secure and anonymous in the technical sense, anything you choose to actually communicate could be used by authorities to track you down, so enter into this process at your own risk.

In the grand scheme of things, I don’t like real violence. I’ve said it before: I love fictional violence in movies and video games and I hate actual violence in real life. I especially hate violence against innocents, children and animals.

But, at the individual level and for the purpose of these interviews my intent is to come in only with trust, honesty, and objectivity, and leave any personal judgement I may have about that at the door.

I enjoy learning about all aspects of reality and existence, and something like murder is part of that reality too.

I’m here to listen…

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