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My Favorite Horror Movie Moments of All Time: Number 50 — Ringu

To celebrate the journey toward Halloween 2014 I’m going to do something I’ve wanted to attempt since I first started writing here on Halloween Love … put together a definitive list of my personal favorite horror movie moments and scenes.

I hope you will agree with some, maybe raise an eyebrow at others and fingers crossed a few will be pleasant surprises.


50 : Ring 1998 : Sadako Rises From The Well.

Ok, I’m happy to admit that the first time I watched this scene I found it just about the most frightening thing I had ever seen on a TV screen, and I’ll try to explain why …

The most obvious reason is that it was my first ever Japanese horror movie … I had been raised on slasher films and gore, so the whole white-faced, creepy ghost vibe that the Japanese were getting into was a bit new to me and I really did find it effectively spooky and unnerving. I was also living in a large house on my own at the time. I had just moved to London and rented a single room within this house, but it wasn’t until a few weeks later that I was joined by more tenants. So it was 1am, on my own, with just the light from the TV screen illuminating the room and I decided to watch this little horror movie that I had heard good things about.


By the time Sadako painfully pulled herself out of the well and began her slow walk toward the camera I was well and truly creeped out … When she started to actually climb THROUGH the TV … I almost lost bowel control!

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