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Let’s Play HauntHouse!


HauntHouse is a simple “Choose Your Own Adventure” game, with a few twists:

  • Instead of choosing your own, it’ll be our own, meaning that as a group, we’ll vote on the next decision to make together via Twitter polls.
  • Depending on many circumstances, each poll/decision will vary in the time allotted, with some up and down fluctuation, 1 week, 3 days, 1 day, 1 hour, etc.
  • Other than the basic premise of us starting out standing in front of what looks like a haunted house, there is no overall script, and certainly no predetermined paths or endings. Ultimately, where the game goes, and what happens, will mostly depend on the decisions and comments we make as a group.
  • There is no going back and there are no do-overs. The game will take place once, in real-time. If the group, as a whole, decides to do something crazy or suicidal, the game could end abruptly in death. ;)
  • It doesn’t matter if you join late, you can still participate.

Play HauntHouse Now!

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