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Lady in White is Coming to Blu-ray

Lady in White

Lady in White is one of the best and perhaps most beautiful and sad Halloween movies ever made… that no one has seen.

That is quite a niche that you could use to describe most of Scream Factory‘s Blu-ray treatments: great movie that no one’s seen and no other studio would bother wasting the time or money on restoring or releasing in HD, let alone adding great bonus features exploring the making of the film.

But, to my pleasant surprise, Scream Factory comes through once again.

Although Lady in White is one of my all-time favorites, sits at the top of my list of suggestions that I made to Scream Factory, I probably can’t quite claim the same excitement that our friend Chris LaMartina can. :D

Funny enough, I was just working on a new series where I was going to, each week perhaps, recommend unknown movies that desperately deserved to be watched, kicking it off would have been Lady in White. It coming to Blu-ray now from Scream Factory is probably all the promotion it’ll ever need, so my idea may be moot now, certainly back-burnered for the moment.

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