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Magic the Gathering Lord of the Rings

Over the years, Wizards of the Coast has improved their magnum opus, Magic: The Gathering, quite impressively. And thanks to that, we, the Planeswalkers, have enjoyed hundreds of decent collaborations all around. Some of them have been great, while the others have fallen flat on their face. However, none of them were as massive or exciting as MTG: Tales of Middle Earth.

Yes, you’ve guessed it right.

WotC has released an entire expansion of Tolkien’s masterfully-crafted world, and here, we are going to learn how you need to get started. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

MTG: Lord of the Rings – A Getting Started Guide

MTG: Lord of the Rings, albeit enjoyable, can be pretty difficult to play. So, I think it’s best to go through a guide that can help you learn the game from the inside out.

What is the Game All About?

Tales of Middle-earth marks a significant milestone in Magic: The Gathering’s “Universes Beyond” sub-theme, representing the first major release of its kind.

“Universes Beyond” was introduced following a successful collaboration between Wizards of the Coast and Dungeons & Dragons for the set called “Adventures in the Forgotten Realms,” followed by a smaller set, “The Battle for Baldur’s Gate.” It now serves as the official platform for all external collaborations involving Magic.

Several releases have taken place in this sub-theme, such as unique cards featured in the “Secret Lair” drop collection in partnership with Fortnite and The Walking Dead.

Additionally, decks tailored for Magic‘s “Commander” format have been introduced, integrating themes from Warhammer 40,000. Exciting future releases include crossovers with popular franchises like Doctor Who and Final Fantasy.

“Tales from Middle-earth” stands out as the most significant collaboration thus far, comprising an impressive 281 cards, comparable to a traditional Magic expansion. This release comes in various product types, which may be a bit overwhelming for those new to the Magic universe.

Where Do You Get Started With It?

For newcomers eager to delve into the world of Magic, the Starter set provides the perfect entry point. Priced at approximately $20, this bundle includes two decks, each tailored to represent the contrasting forces of good and evil inspired by Lord of the Rings.

The set offers a comprehensive learning experience, featuring a how-to-play guide in both physical booklet form and access to an interactive tutorial online. Additionally, the Starter set comes with boxes to store the decks securely. Moreover, players will be thrilled to find two sets of codes that grant access to both decks in Magic: The Gathering Arena, the digital version of the game available on mobile and PC.

The decks themselves are skillfully themed around the beloved characters from Lord of the Rings. The forces of good include iconic heroes like Aragorn, Arwen, Galadriel, Gandalf, and, of course, a couple of hobbits. In contrast, the forces of evil are led by Sauron and his agents, accompanied by sinister orc armies from Mordor.

For fans of Lord of the Rings, this Starter set provides a contained and immersive experience with Magic, enabling them to explore their favorite thematic elements. And the best part is, if you’re content with this introductory experience, you can comfortably continue enjoying Magic at this level.

Collecting the Right Set

Starting from a collecting standpoint, “Tales of Middle-earth,” like every Magic set, offers its cards through various types of booster packs, each catering to different player preferences:

  • Jumpstart Boosters: These packs consist of 20 cards and are designed for quick deck construction. Players purchase two Jumpstart Boosters, shuffle them together, and create a viable deck to play against another Jumpstart deck. They proffer a convenient option for casual players seeking swift gameplay.
  • Draft Boosters: Aimed at more experienced Magic players, Draft Boosters contain 15 cards each. They do not prioritize obtaining rare versions of cards, but provide a wide selection of cards for building and refining decks. Even if you’re not a seasoned deck builder, purchasing Draft Boosters can still be a way to expand your card collection.
  • Set Boosters: Similar to Draft Boosters, Set Boosters also contain 15 cards per pack. Although they may cost slightly more, they offer additional guaranteed chances to obtain rare cards and alternative art variants. If you’re not primarily focused on collecting the full set, but still want some beautiful Lord of the Rings cards, Set Boosters present a good option.
  • Collector Boosters: These are the most expensive option, but don’t dismiss them just yet. Collector Boosters are designed to cater specifically to collectors and enthusiasts. They provide an enhanced collecting experience with more exclusive and visually-stunning cards, showcasing unique artwork and premium finishes.

When deciding which magic the gathering lord of the rings set to invest in, it’s essential to consider your personal collecting goals and budget.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned collector, “Tales of Middle-earth” offers various options to suit different interests and preferences. So, make sure to do your planning accordingly.

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