Embrace the Chills: Six Terrifying Ways to Make Halloween Truly Haunting (sponsored)

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There is no doubt that people like to experience the feeling of fear or adrenaline. That’s why we love watching horror movies, riding roller coasters, and going skydiving. But sometimes, this is not enough. Halloween is one holiday that can get under your skin. Here are some ways to make Halloween truly terrifying.

Play Horror Game

Playing horror games on Halloween is a great idea that will help create an atmosphere of horror and excitement on this special holiday. Horror games are specifically designed to be scary and adrenaline-pumping, making them the perfect choice for Halloween.

Some horror games are bloody and intense, while others can be more atmospheric and mystical. Regardless of the game you choose, this will allow you to plunge into the world of fear and adrenaline that are so characteristic of Halloween.

Be prepared for the fact that horror games can be quite scary, so after that, you can relax and play something more peaceful, like Genshin Impact. This game is super popular in the world right now and will put you in a positive mood. If players have little experience in such games, they often order genshin impact leveling so that professional gamers can help upgrade their accounts and play for fun.

Set Up a Ghost Hunt

Even if you are not a member of a research group, many ghost hunt groups will gladly take you in or show you how to look for ghosts in your city. They might take you to a haunted house, an abandoned asylum, or a hospital. You can also search for such places yourself on websites dedicated to paranormal phenomena, which contain an extensive list of locations where ghost encounters have been recorded.

Members of the group will share the dark history of abandoned buildings and the paranormal sightings that people have experienced there. You could ask them to use a piece of equipment (or you can bring your own) with which you might be able to capture auras or other ghostly images. Trust us, crawling through the ruins of an abandoned house at midnight with only a flashlight in your hand will send shivers down your spine.

Visit the Fear Room

In recent years, the number of fear-inducing attractions has increased several times. There is almost certainly one, or perhaps several, of these places in your area. Check local newspapers and ads. Sophisticated special effects, compelling actors, and a host of other movie-themed techniques can genuinely scare you. You may encounter various ghosts, and monsters, or even come face to face with flesh-eating zombies. The competition between such attractions is constantly growing, so they keep upping the ante to offer the scariest experience of your life.

Watch a Horror Movie

Hollywood always releases new horror movies in October, like the movie Annabelle. Watch this movie alone. When you’re with friends, they help you distance yourself from what’s happening on the screen. But if you are alone, no one will take your hand when things get too scary. You will be all by yourself, immersed in the horror. If cinemas don’t show horror movies to your taste, you can watch them online. Alternatively, you can choose to watch a movie that terrified you in the past, like The Exorcist, for example. Again, if you want to feel the ultimate fear, do it alone.

Have a Real Séance

If you’re celebrating Halloween with your close friends, you can try to summon the souls of the dead. Halloween is the holiday when the veil between the living and the dead is believed to be the thinnest. Gather your friends around a table, light a candle, and turn off the lights. Join hands and try to contact the spirits of the deceased. Perhaps you know who among you is (or considers themselves to be) the most sensitive to the paranormal. He or she can become a channel through which the spirit might communicate. You never know exactly what might happen during a session, but there’s a good chance that someone will run out of the house screaming.

Spend the Night in an Abandoned or Haunted House

Many horror movies or TV shows start with this idea. Are you brave enough to spend the night in an abandoned house or even a haunted house – alone? You must get permission from the owner of the building (you don’t want a good idea to take you to an even scarier place – like a prison). So, with proper permission, grab a flashlight, warm clothes, and a sleeping bag, and lock yourself inside. Oh, and don’t forget, you must not have a radio or cell phone with you if you’re going to do it right. You don’t want to be distracted by creaks and groans, disembodied footsteps, whispers from dark corners, or screams of horror. Could you do it?

Sleep and Have Breakfast on a Ghost Bed

Recently, small hotels and inns in which ghosts are said to reside are gaining popularity. They can offer you a room with a bed that once belonged to a former owner and even serve you breakfast in bed the next morning. It may not sound entirely scary, but many visitors to such places have reported that the feeling of anxiety did not leave them all night. You will be told the history of the building, including stories of murders, deaths, or other terrible phenomena that have happened there in the past. In some rooms, paranormal activity is so rampant that you might feel touches, hear voices, and if you’re lucky, see a grinning ghost hovering above the bed when you are trying to sleep.

Please note that while these activities can be thrilling for some people during Halloween, it’s essential to prioritize safety and be mindful of others’ boundaries and beliefs when engaging in such experiences. Not everyone enjoys or feels comfortable with extreme scares or supernatural-themed activities. So you can just make Halloween decorations and organize a party.

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