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It is that time of the year again. Time for spooky fun and games and lots of candy. You have probably already decided on your Halloween costume, and the only thing remaining on your to-do list is decorating your house for the most fun holiday of the year. Halloween house decoration is usually like a competition for most neighborhoods to see who will come up with the spookiest and scariest ideas. Here is a look at some of the ways you can outdo your neighbor and end up winning the award for most haunted house for the year 2021 Halloween.

Make Your House a Ghost Home

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There are so many Halloween themes that have been chosen by so many households over the years, but the most common one has been the haunted house theme. The main aim of Halloween is to dress in scary costumes and play scary games. Remember to go full-on with your make-up, especially eyelash make-up. Eyelash extensions can bring out that character or you perfectly. There are different ways you can decorate your house to look like a haunted house and make everything look almost real.

Start With Your Front Door

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You want people to be scared to enter your house and at the same time be curious to see what’s inside. The best way to achieve this is to ensure that you make your front door creepy and mysterious. There are various ways you can decorate your front door to look like your house is indeed a ghost house:

  • Hanging a wreath: There are different kinds of scary wreaths you can hang on your front door. You can hang a plastic snake wreath; almost everyone is scared of snakes. Go for the dark and fearful colors for your snakes. A spider web wreath will send little kids running for their lives. While buying the plastic animals for your wreath, try to get those that look as close to real as possible.
  • Keep Out sign: This will make others curious. They will want to know what is behind your door and at the same time be scared. You can spill red paint along your door to make them think there is blood.
  • Scarecrow: Have a scarecrow sit on your front porch. Dress the scarecrow in real clothes and wait to see your little guests run helter-skelter.

Your Lawn

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This is where your guests will be walking around. The goal is to have things pop out from nowhere, have them stumble on hidden objects on the ground. The sound of dry leaves crackling as they walk will add to that eerie effect. You cannot have a ghost without a tombstone. Put up tombstones on the ground, and use mannequins to look like they are emerging from them to add on to that ghostly effect, just like in a zombie movie.

Hide plastic skulls on the ground to make your guests trip on them. Don’t forget to add more scarecrows on your lawn too. Make some of them sway around to make your guests feel like they are being chased around. Dim down your lights on the lawn, just enough for them to see the scary stuff.

Inside Your House

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Your outdoors may be the main attraction point when it comes to Halloween, but you still need to decorate the inside of your house too. You have a range of options for decorating the inside of your house. There are different parts of your house you can throw in a few scary things:

  • Your living room: You can start by putting up your ghosts. Don’t give your visitors a break from the ghosts. Place them in dark corners so it can look like they are emerging from the dark. Hang paper bats to spice up your haunted house theme. Bats are associated with ghosts in some communities. Hide skulls under your sofa pillows so your guests can jump when they accidentally sit on them. Place creepy glass potion bottles on the table to make it look like a witch’s house.
  • Your corridors: This is where the fun is. Make your corridor like the alley of death. This is where you hang all the spine-chilling things you can find, from paper bats to hanging skeletons to changing portraits on the walls. You can also have fake hands emerging from the walls on both sides of your corridor. Spice it up a bit by pouring red paint on the hands to make them look like they are dripping blood.

Halloween Lights

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We cannot talk of decoration without thinking about lighting. For the haunted house Halloween theme, the goal is to have very dim and flickering lights. The best kind of lighting to use for your Halloween theme is the 5050 led strip lights. These led strip lights come in several colors, and you choose what works for you and your theme. You can also make the lights flicker to create a frightening effect. You can light up a few of your props like pumpkins and glass bottles.


Halloween decorations should be a fun activity. You can buy some of the props from Halloween stores and also make some homemade decorations for yourself. After decorating your house, do not forget to also buy treats to give your trick or treaters. As much as Halloween is considered a fun holiday, it can also be dangerous if it is overdone, so take care, do not engage in dangerous activity that might hurt you or your neighbors.

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