Horror TV in 2013: Somebody Pinch Me


Am I the only one incredibly overwhelmed with how amazing television has been to horror fans lately?

Let’s have a looksy at all the currently active horror series on television at the moment, shall we:

  • Dexter: An oldie, but a goodie. Serial killer who hunts and kills other serial killers. I smell a final season on the horizon though, unfortunately.
  • Walking Dead: Very enthralled from day one. Zombies. The survivalist aspect is very intense.
  • American Horror Story: This is just like being a kid in a candy store for horror fans. A lot of variety, ghosts, monsters, aliens, oh my. Amazing music and many homages to the horror genre and nods to horror fans in general.
  • Bates Motel: Very nostalgic and cool creepy. I recommend going back and watching Psycho parts I – IV before watching to get you in the mood (because they’re different universes/eras mind you). What, there are three sequels? Surprisingly, many people missed them altogether. I think they’re all quite good.
  • Hannibal: A return to the best. Clearly not just an original take or based solely on the book Red Dragon, but definitely influenced by the truly definitive Hannibal Lector film and my favorite movie of all time, the incomparably atmospheric and melancholy-riddled Manhunter.
  • Hemlock Grove: A Netflix (the new Showtime) original that I’ve only just started watching. It’s received some criticism for being another Twilight (which I loathe) inspired knock-off, but with Eli Roth on board, it’s more aimed at horror fans than teenage girls I would say.

I should mention these are only the ones I’m watching and care about at the moment, what horror shows am I missing out on?

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