Horror Top Ten: Queen of Halloween Kellie Curtains Reveals Her Choices

Horror Top Ten

It’s time once again to reveal all … These are the articles that allow horror fans from all across the globe to share their favorite horror movies and most importantly explain WHY they love them.

Anything goes. Short horror films, animated horror, TV movies, even an entire collected franchise if you can’t single out a specific entry.

And like I always say, I see these articles as a chance to potentially introduce horror fans to films they might not have seen before. If just one person reads about a horror movie that they have yet to watch and now want to track down and view because of these lists, then that alone would have made it all worth while.

Putting together any kind of ‘favorite’ list is really just capturing a moment in time. 12 months from now choices might be different and new movies watched. So, at this point in history I hand you over to todays horror loving decision maker … The Queen of Halloween and facebook legend in the making, Kellie Curtains.

Kellie is madly passionate about “all things related to Halloween, horror and the bizarre” … with a list that shows she knows a good scary movie when she sees it!

Halloween (1978).


“I love everything about Halloween! The plot is simple but what a great movie … The cinematography, the music, Donald Pleasence’s voice and that mask! All that on a $325,000 budget is amazing.”

The Haunting (1963).
The Haunting

“A classic haunted house film that is actually scary. The film, as well as that creepy old house draws you in to a point from which you may never return!”

The Shining.

The Shining

“The Shining is one of the only horror films that actually gives me the genuine creeps. Jack Nicholson is SO good. A do not watch by yourself kind of horror film.”

The Abominable Dr. Phibes.

Dr. Phibes

Vincent Price is at his creepy cool best here as Dr. Phibes. A fun horror film that looks beautiful. like a fine work of art”

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956 & 1978).

Body Snatchers 1956

Body Snatchers 1978

“This is another one that actually scares me … some of my biggest fears come true. I loved BOTH versions of this film.”

White Zombie.

White Zombie

Bela Lugosi is at his best and the atmosphere is stunning.”



Kathy Bates Oscar winning performance is flawless as Annie ‘the psychotic nurse’ Wilkes. The things James Caan had to endure are beyond creepy … you can really feel his pain.”



“I love a great horror anthology and this is one of the best. A fun film from beginning to end, and so many great stars.”

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?

Baby Jane

“Baby Jane is classic … campy but very disturbing. Bette Davis played the role of pathetic monster perfectly.”

Jeepers Creepers.

Jeepers Creepers

“I got my love of horror films from my father, and Jeepers Creepers is the last horror movie we watched together … he loved it. Creepy cool monster, no smut, dad approved and lots of thrills is why I love this one.”

The Wolf Man (1941) AND Tales From The Crypt (1972).

The Wolf Man

Tales From The Crypt

“Because I couldn’t stand not to put these on my list! There are so many great horror films … but this is my stab at selecting some of my all time favorites.”

A HUGE thank you to Kellie for taking part … If YOU would like to feature and reveal all then just message me below or on facebook and I’ll be in touch.

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