Here’s What Halloween is All About, from Costumes to Decorations — And How to Store Them for the Future (sponsored)

Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes

Americans have long-been crazy about Halloween, and this statement is even truer this year: we are well on our way to spending over $12 billion for the 2023 celebrations, according to the National Retail Federation. The bulk of the money will go on costumes, decorations, and obviously, candy. But what costumes and decorations are the favorites this year, and which ones stand the test of time? A recent StorageCafe article looked at all of that – and even identified the states that are the most enthusiastic about Halloween.

DC and California Residents are the Most Eager to Celebrate Halloween This Year

It looks like the residents of our capital city are aiming for the title of Halloween capital as well, based on their average of 108 monthly online searches for Halloween-related items per 1,000 residents, the most of all the states. Second in line comes California. With its focus on creative industries, California naturally has many residents who are looking forward to an event that puts creativity (plus makeup and special effects) front and center. Utah and an entire host of other Western states, such as Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado, are also more interested in Halloween than most places in the US.

Those living in Mississippi, Hawaii, and Alaska on the other hand, are not willing to put a lot of time and effort into this year’s Halloween celebrations. Mississippi, the state that scored the lowest on the interest scale, registered an average of only 51 Halloween-related monthly searches this season, less than half the amount seen in DC.

Barbie is All the Rage Right Now – But You Can Be Original As Well

This year’s costumes will be dominated by variations of Barbie, which is by far the most popular online search regarding Halloween costumes. In fact, the only states where Barbie isn’t the stand-alone top preference are Wyoming, New Mexico, and West Virginia. In Wyoming, Spider-Man gets the most attention this year, while in the other two states it’s a tie between the web-slinging superhero and, of course, Barbie. Other popular costumes this year include movie-inspired Harley Quinn and Wednesday Addams, as well as classic options such as pirates, dinosaurs, and witches.

Those who are striving for originality have, of course, a myriad of other options, based on their favorite characters, video games, movies, TV shows, and so on. Just to give you a few ideas, you could be a bank robber, or even… Maverick (inspired by the Top Gun sequel released last year). Neither costume is hard to put together, and it looks like not a lot of people are searching for them online, so chances are you’ll be the original one among your friends and family.

Time to Get Your Decorations Up and Running

When decorating their homes for Halloween, Americans are sticking to traditions – the most researched decorations online are jack o’ lanterns, followed by skeletons and witches, but also corn stalks and crocheted Halloween ornaments. This is indeed a nice selection of decorations, and everyone can choose their favorites, from those who are chasing as much Halloween spook as possible to others who are looking for family-friendly activities.

Here’s How to Store Your Halloween Costumes and Decorations, So You Can Enjoy Them Year After Year

As much as you might love Halloween, you can wear your costume and keep decorations up for only so long before your friends, family, and neighbors start looking at you in a funny way. But, of course, you will want to save both the decorations and the costumes for the next year. Even if you choose another costume in the future, or if you decide on a different theme for decorating your home, you can definitely still repurpose and use your current Halloween gear again.

Halloween decorations and costumes can be oversized, delicate, made of detachable parts, and so on. Think, for example, about inflatable Halloween decorations, which should be kept away from anything pointy, or about a costume that features an oversized, detachable head. Packing and storing these items can be tricky, but it’s going to be a treat the following year to see that everything is in perfect shape.

Put costumes in garment bags before packing them away in sturdy boxes. As for decorations, separate them into categories — for example, small decorations that go inside your home in their own box, and large ones for the front yard in a different one. Things that are breakable or particularly fragile should be wrapped individually before being put in boxes. And speaking of boxes, make sure you get lidded ones, preferably made of plastic, so the Halloween decorations and costumes are protected from dust. This way, you can stack them safely, which saves you space. Avoid putting the boxes in an attic, or other places in your home that get very hot in the summer and very cold during winter — such variations in temperature can negatively impact your belongings.

If you don’t have enough space in your closets at home to store all your Halloween stuff, you could lease a self-storage unit located close to where you live. Renting a small 5’x10′ storage unit will ensure you have a safe space to keep your Halloween decorations, plus other belongings that you use rarely or occasionally, including holiday decorations, camping equipment, sports gear, bulky luggage, tools, and so on. In other words, don’t let your small closets convince you that you can’t enjoy Halloween, or indeed any of the other things you are passionate about!

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