Halloween Review: Opening a Case of Ghostbusters Slimer Edible Ectoplasm !

Slimer Edible Ectoplasm Review

The 2016 Halloween season is upon us, and at this time of year I always like to review as many random and awesomely cool items as I can. America is still the promised land when it comes to finding wonderfully weird and exclusive products at this time of year, but the UK can throw up a pleasant surprise or two every now and then, and in these posts I’ll be testing, tasting and tampering with everything I encounter over the next few weeks.

We kick things off with ANOTHER Ghostbusters treat, created by UK based candy makers World Of Sweets. Over the last 12 months or so they (along with a few other companies) have been FLOODING the UK with a torrent of GB products. Everything from gummy proton packs to whoopee cushions, we’ve seen it all over here. But todays item is easily the coolest creation I’ve discovered yet, and SOMEBODY was good enough to send me an entire case of them!

Behold … Slimer Edible Ectoplasm!

Slimer Edible Ectoplasm Display Box - Ghostbusters

The presentation of the store display box instantly reminded me of those plastic candy heads you could find back in the 1980s, which were normally filled with tiny edible pellets or sherbet powder. I don’t see things like that in stores these days, so I was instantly hit with a wave of pleasing nostalgia when I lifted the top flap and tucked it into the back of the box, revealing an army of ugly little spuds!

Slimer Candy Figure - Ghostbusters

To access the edible ‘ectoplasm’ you pull off Slimers head above his teeth, then squeeze his stomach area, which is soft and rubbery, unlike the rest of the figure which is hard plastic. You then put the tube in your mouth, and await the VERY sour and sticky liquid that emerges.

Slimer Edible Ectoplasm - Opening Container

I know … that sounded … inappropriate. And even the instructions on the back of the box look WRONG!

Slimer Edible Ectoplasm Box Information - Ghostbusters

The ectoplasm is NOT pleasant, but to me that doesn’t matter, because when the packaging is THIS cool and creative I don’t really care what the slime tastes like. Besides, it’s ectoplasm, it should probably taste like shit anyway!

The little plastic Slimers look FANTASTIC, and will almost certainly become highly collectible over time. They are surprisingly big, well made, and if you can somehow clean out all of the green gloop that lurks within his body, they can be proudly displayed with the rest of your Ghostbusters collection.

If you see these at any point in the near future I highly recommend you purchase a few. But maybe think twice about actually sucking on Slimers head!

Ghostbusters Slimer Edible Ectoplasm - Candy Head Review

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