Halloween is Coming: How to Decorate Your Car Scary Beautiful (sponsored)

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Halloween is a holiday that is loved almost all over the world, second in popularity only to Christmas. Millions of people celebrate All Hallows’ Eve. There are many myths and legends associated with it, which makes this creepy-fun holiday even more interesting. A distinctive feature of Halloween is the decor. This is great entertainment for both adults and children.

Halloween decor is an opportunity to show your imagination and express your creativity. Most often, people decorate their home and surrounding area. However, you can stand out and remember that your car is another place that can be decorated in an interesting and colourful way. Even if you are on a family vacation in UAE and travelling in a family SUV car rental in Dubai, you can arrange a holiday for yourself and your children.

Especially if you are going to a Halloween party, the decor on the rental car in which you will have fun will add ambience.

Before you start decorating, you need to decide:

  • What theme do you want to implement?
  • What craft materials and decorations will you use?

Here Are Some Ideas for Simple Decoration for Your Car

The main symbol of Halloween is the pumpkin. Most often, lanterns are made from it, but it turns out that you can cut out a funny figure from it, a stand for your car! And the lanterns themselves can be decorated not only with a traditional face, but also with absolutely any design. This pumpkin decoration can be placed on the hood of a car. And you can complement the decor with cobwebs. If you won’t be driving your car anywhere on Halloween, decorate your trunk with hay bales and a few painted pumpkins. It gives instant appeal.

So let’s learn how to proceed with the pumpkin:

  1. Cut the lid off the pumpkin, open it, and take out the core. There is no need to throw away the core as you can make excellent cakes from the pulp and dry the seeds in the oven.
  2. After the pumpkin is left without “internals,” we proceed to the drawing. You can apply it with a marker to the pumpkin itself or attach a pre-prepared stencil and cut it out according to it. It is better to cut with a sharp small knife; round holes are easier to make with an awl or an oval knife. Keep in mind that the pumpkin should not be completely ripe and soft. Also, the smaller it is, the easier it is to apply the drawing.
  3. When the drawing is ready, place a candle inside. If the bottom of your pumpkin is uneven, place a saucer in it, then the candle will not fall. Also keep in mind that such a flashlight will not last long, especially in warm weather. Therefore, it is worth doing it immediately before the holiday.

Some more options that you can make yourself:

  • Shaggy woolen threads are very similar to spider webs and can be wrapped around a car. Creepy red lettering can be made with washable paint;
  • You can make a monster from improvised materials and pinch it in the window so that it looks out;
  • To make a horror ghost, you can take an old doll;
  • Themed temporary car stickers will help you decorate in the most interesting way;
  • You can create a ghost out of wire and a sheet and attach it to door handles so that it flutters.


Decorating a car for Halloween is a very exciting and interesting process. You can not limit yourself in creativity, choosing any topic and materials.

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