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Halloween Costume Contest — 2016

Costume Contest 2016

This year’s winner is “Count Chocula.”


It’s time for the annual Halloween Love costume contest!

Hashtag: #HLCostumeContest
Permalink: halloweenlove.com/contest

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This year there will be two entry types with separate eligibility for either gift or cash prizes, depending on the option you choose for step 2.

There will be only one and separate winners selected for each option:

Prize for Option #1 — Free Entry: We will be giving out gift prizes like horror Blu-rays for the winner of this entry option. Prizes available for free entrants:

  • Night of the Living Dead (Blu-ray)
  • Manhunter (UK Blu-ray)
  • Jeepers Creepers (Blu-ray)
  • Night Gallery: Season 3 (DVD)
  • Lady in White (DVD)
  • Psycho II (DVD)
  • Waxwork (UK DVD)
  • Waxwork Double Feature (DVD)
  • Back to the Future Trilogy (DVD)
  • We’ll see if we can scrounge up some other goodies and prizes…

Prize for Option #2 — $10 Entry: Anyone who throws in $10 for entry will be eligible for and helping pool together a big cash prize. To help support HL, we’ve started collecting donations here, and all the funds we’re able to raise for the entire month of October will be going to the winner of this entry option.

Mystery Prize & Important Note About Being a Good Sport

It’s very important to understand why we host these contests in the first place. We don’t gain anything from them except for geeky fun, pure and simple. We don’t make money; we don’t have sponsors, and until now, have always put up the prize cash ourselves. We do it for the readers and for ourselves to have some good ol’ fashioned ghoulish entertainment!

Poor Sports

If you’re entering the contest purely for monetary reasons, without the understanding that not everyone can win, or without the good intention of congratulating the person who does win if that’s not you, this contest is not for you.

Good Sports

If you love Halloween, love dressing up, are here to show off your costume, and find it a fun bonus to have a little friendly competition for some prizes, then you understand the spirit of Halloween Love and this contest, we’d love to have you enter!

And starting this year, at the end of the contest when the winners are announced, everyone who leaves a comment to congratulate them will be entered into a mystery giveaway with one randomly selected winner.

How to Enter


You must complete all 3 steps to enter:

1. Submit a photo of yourself in costume here:

(also be sure to add my email to your contacts or whitelist)

Details Needed:

  • Use the exact subject “Costume Contest 2016” (without the quotes).
  • Describe what you are, what your costume is suppose to be.
  • For the photo…

    • Attach only one that is focused on just you (no couple or group submissions — sorry).
    • It should be well-lit, sharp, and in focus, with no red-eye.
    • Other than red-eye correction or cropping, do not Photoshop in effects or enhancements or multiple shots of the costume into one photo. Should be the raw photo of the costume as it looks in real life.
    • High resolution and preferably portrait-angled (holding your camera sideways).
    • It must be you and the photo must be current, 2016.
    • Do not submit on someone else’s behalf (unless they’re unable to enter themselves).
    • One costume entry per person.
  • DO NOT FORGET — You still need to complete steps 2 and 3 below to complete your entry.

You of course retain full copyright ownership of your photo, but by submitting it to this contest, you grant HL full permission to use it here on halloweenlove.com and to edit and name the photo as needed to be appropriately and fairly presented in this contest.

2: option #1. (free entry — eligibility for gift prizes only) Retweet the contest:

Retweet Contest

2: option #2. ($10 entry — eligibility to win the cash pot) Help support HL:

You are completely welcome to cancel after a one-time $10 donation.

3. Comment below to let everyone know you entered!

Have fun and good luck everyone!

Winner Selection

You may of course enter anytime during the whole month of October, but the winners will be chosen on the evening of November 2nd, giving everyone ample time to enter after Halloween night partying and recovery. :P

There is no criteria or categories for costume judging. Whether you spent $0 or $1,000 creating a costume has no bearing. All costume entries are welcome and have a fair chance: scary, funny, sexy, creative, original, whatever. We will simply have a team vote and narrow it down to the costumes we like most.

The Costumes

Displayed randomly. Click to enlarge.
Please note that “Likes” have no impact on winner selection and are purely for reader participation only.


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  • Contestking

    I’ve entered Count Chocula!

  • Sherry Hansen


  • Michael Ekborg


  • danell palmer

    Entered (:

  • Natalie

    I entered!

  • Linsey Bartholomew

    I just entered! Excited to see all the new costumes this year!!!!


    Entered as Gambit!

  • Jeanette Jackson

    I entered.

  • Hey Jo

    Hey! Check out Miss AfterLife!

  • Dean

    Im joined!!

  • Because we didn’t have the usual funds for promotion and a big cash prize, this year’s turn out was a bit depressing, so I want to especially thank those of you who did show up. Thank you for sharing your awesome costumes with us!

    And we have our winner, “Count Chocula.” Congrats!

    Remember, just by being a good sport and congratulating this year’s costume contest winner, you’ll be entered for a mystery giveaway prize.

  • Jeanette Jackson

    Congratulations to the winner!


    Ahh I thought there would be more than 1 winner. Shame there was a lack of funds! Maybe next year! Congratulations to Count Chocula for winning first place

  • That was the plan, but no one ended up entering for the second prize. Sadly, this year’s contest was indeed a bit of a dud ( see last year’s to get an idea of how it usually goes: https://halloweenlove.com/halloween-costume-contest-2015/ ). Anyways, there’s still that third mystery prize that we’ll give away here in a few days. Thanks.

  • Thanks for being a good sport! Between yourself and the other entrant that made an effort to congratulate the winner, you were randomly selected as the winner for our mystery giveaway! Go ahead and email me your mailing address and we’ll send over some mystery goodies to you! black@halloweenlove.com

  • Jeanette Jackson

    Thank you very much. I’ve replied by email to you with my info.