Ep #1: Emma Crawford | Creepy Colorado

Exploring all that's wonderful and creepy in Colorado.

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Marilynn takes us on a journey in the first-ever episode of Creepy Colorado, which is her very own creation.

Note from the Editor

I’m a big believer in learning by doing. Learn as you go along, make improvements as you discover pitfalls, but most importantly, just get started. So many people never start because they think everything has to be perfect first. The only way to get better at something is with practice.

Marilynn is far from a computer nerd, but in a short period of time, has learned a great deal about video, audio, editing, presentation, and so much more. She’s worked very hard teaching herself this craft in order to make her own show, Creepy Colorado, a reality, which is a labor of love for her.

I’m very impressed with Marilynn, inspired, and even a little jealous, being someone who is often held back by one excuse or another concerning bold creative endeavors like this. I’m very proud to host Creepy Colorado on Halloween Love. I hope you enjoy this series!

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Born of a mother who loves horror fiction, a father enamored with conspiracy theories, and raised by her true-crime expert grandmother, Marilynn has never been a stranger to the creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky and lives by the motto "Halloween Is Everyday". While taking a creative writing course Marilynn found many of her passions could be combined and expanded on through writing for fun, and she began to express her fondness for the peculiar things in life through her writing.

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