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Dusk Magic And Drive-In Movies Captured In A Stunning Series Of Paintings!

Andrew Valko Art Spotlight Halloween Love

One of the best things about having a passion for art is that you will NEVER see it all!

You will never run out of stimulating work to gaze upon, and you’re always just a google search or page turn away from discovering something spectacular and new.

Today I want to share some work by an artist who I personally only recently discovered, and to be honest I’m still a little disappointed with myself because these paintings are utter perfection to me. They tick every box – I feel a tingling happiness just looking at them!

Dreamlike visions of atmospheric summer evenings spent watching Hollywood legends beneath a star-filled sky. Beautiful sunsets and dusk horizons framing those huge drive-in theater screens, giving each piece a stunning combination of soft fuzzy light and intense almost photorealistic detail.

The name of the artist who painted these masterpieces is Andrew Valko, and after you have finished scrolling through the paintings I have featured here today, I URGE you to do some online searching and have a look at more of his work. Our site is dedicated to all things horror, so I’ve limited myself to only featuring the paintings that have horror/sci-fi content, but if you love movies across every genre then you NEED to see the rest of Andrew’s drive-in series.

Truly some FINE art!

Admission 2005 - Andrew Valko

Admission 2005 – Andrew Valko

Dracula 2002 - Andrew Valko

Dracula 2002 – Andrew Valko

Here's Johnny 2011 - Andrew Valko

Here’s Johnny 2011 – Andrew Valko

Road Hazard 2002 - Andrew Valko

Road Hazard 2002 – Andrew Valko

Sighting 2000 - Andrew Valko

Sighting 2000 – Andrew Valko

The Decision 2015 - Andrew Valko

The Decision 2015 – Andrew Valko

Watching 2001 - Andrew Valko

Watching 2001 – Andrew Valko

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