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Dearest Corona, Purveyor of Fear


You may be a virus,
But you are spreading fear,
Far and near,
To the youngest and oldest among us.

We now walk around afraid to breathe,
We’ve been stripped away of things that bring us delight,
Everywhere we go there is the feeling of fright,
The world looks like a scary dream.

Yes, you bring sickness,
But the thought of death,
That’s what carrying your name so swift,
So no we retreat into our little fortresses.

But to stock them,
We were under your spell,
You brought out the worst I must tell,
Greed and disregard were part of the panic.

You see, you have a way of erasing love and safety,
Handshakes, hugs, or any kind of gentle affection is not permitted,
Fear lives in our hearts and we are frigid,
Our minds are longer where they should be.

You are so very cruel,
You are the best villain,
We’ll never know to which house you are coming,
Gloves and masks are all we can bring to this duel.

I hope it is not long you will stay,
Because you see,
Since you’ve been here,
It’s been a bad fucking day.

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New Jersey native living in Florida, hoping not to scare you too much. I hope my posts entertain you when you can't sleep at night and give you something to give you to think about when you're bored.

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