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Countdown to Friday the 13th: My Top Five Posters – Thursday

Friday The 13th 2009

One more day to go!

All this week I’ve been counting down my five favorite Friday posters and today’s penultimate entry is the classy and surprisingly awesome image they used for the 2009 remake.

I’m always wary of remakes … I get defensive of the original movies they are based on and I almost ‘expect’ them to fail, but the new Friday The 13th impressed me. I remember thinking it would be very hard to totally mess up a Jason movie and this proved to be the case. All the basics were there and despite being a fan of zombie Jason it was refreshing to see a return to the more human version of the character.

Regular readers will also know I generally hate modern movie posters, but it’s hard not to love this haunting and powerful effort.

See you on Friday for the final poster.

Friday the 13th Remake Poster

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