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Bleak Britannia: Eden Lake

Eden Lake Review

In this new series of short, sharp reviews I’m going to take a look at the horror movies that present Britain in a dark and disturbing way. These are the films that have no desire to show you my ‘green and pleasant land’, they just want to spray it red.

The horror to be found within Eden Lake comes from its ability to create a situation that ANY of us could find ourselves in. British viewers especially will be all too familiar with the depressing presence of this generations ‘feral youths’ … teenagers utterly lacking respect, or any interest in what is right or wrong because for many of them it was simply something they were never taught growing up.

In reality they tend to be nothing more than mildly disruptive troublemakers, but director James Watkins takes this modern problem and puts his characters through the VERY WORST that could happen in a situation where you stand up to these aggressive children.

Eden Lake

Fassbender was on the verge of entering the Hollywood big time and alongside the excellent Kelly Reilly, viewers get a young couple that are very easy to like, just before the shit hits the fan in a big way. Jack O’Connell is also excellent as Brett, the walking nightmare our unfortunate lovers can’t seem to escape from no matter how hard they try.

Eden Lake is a gut twister. Things get bad, then get worse, and just when you would normally expect some positive reward the story throws you to the floor and delivers one more LASTING kick. It’s far from perfect but as a ‘wrong place at the wrong time’ movie it’s hard to beat … or forget!

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