Beyond the Gates — The Horror Version of Jumanji

Beyond the Gates

I can’t say that Beyond the Gates is a great movie, but for a low-budget indie, it’s quite enjoyable and the theme of the movie is fun. In fact, it feels more like an anthology segment than a proper movie really, which I actually mean as a compliment.

Not sure how I missed it growing up, but apparently VCR Board Games were a thing, where an accompanying VHS tape was required to play the board game. I do recall some trivia games that had this video aspect, but nothing as fun as what the movie is based on, Nightmare.

I’ve always liked this kind of high-concept storytelling, movies like Westworld, Last Action Hero, Little Monsters, Pleasantville, and yes, its other big inspiration, Jumanji (which looks like they’re remaking by the way). While I very much enjoy serious, complex, and even esoteric stories (The Shining would be a good example), these high-concept movies are just so damn fun. They’re exciting and make you want to get the snacks and blanket ready for escaping into that magical window.

What I found most enjoyable about the whole movie, was the quite striking woman who plays the game’s host, very much in vein of horror hosts of the past, played by actress Barbara Crampton, who from looking at her resume, is quite the horror legend and staple scream queen. I feel like I should have known that, but did not.

Barbara Crampton

I can definitely recommend giving it a try, but have a look at the trailer to get a better feel and see if it might be your cup of tea:

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